All the good things that 2014 gave me

All the good things that 2014 gave me

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2014, the year I got married.

We drank red wine and swam and practised our vows until 1am the night before. I swam in my wedding dress at the same time the next night. Our friends and family wrote us love notes that we will re-read for the rest of our lives.
We honeymooned and watched sunrises and sunsets over the Aegean ocean. We slept in til midday and then napped til 3pm. We rode quad bikes and followed stray dogs down the street in the hope of a quick pat in Greece. We ate waffles and drank cherry beer in Belgium, we ate cheese and gourmet cakes in parks in Lyon. In Paris, an older couple we had never met bought us a $150 bottle of champagne. Just because.

2014, the year I took on too much work.

Also the year I worked for the Rolling Stones, and the year I was flown to London to photograph a wedding and the bride and groom thanked me (??). The year I travelled for work more than ever and my husband Skyped me each night with our hound.
The year so many more people than ever before invited me to take part in their lives and witness moments of happy.
The year I got to photograph portraits of some of the world’s most influential corporates as if they were regular people.
The year I photographed a wedding wearing Vivian Westwood and Converse sneakers.
The year a top 50 ASX listed company made me their in-house photographer and gave me the rope by which to swing or hang.
The year my craft finally shredded my knees and fractured my feet to the point of surgery.
The year I graduated to conscious competence in my craft.

2014, the year I thought my heart would explode.

Not just from getting married, but it was also the year my mother and brothers and neices roadtripped back to the town I was born and the place my brothers grew up that we hadn’t set foot in for 25 years. I got to hear my brothers tell stories while standing on the spots those stories were created. I got to see my nieces stand on those spots too.
The year I finally saw the brothers I idolised had become the kind of fathers we’d wished ours had been. I got to see them play tiggy with their kids while hopping on one foot to even the ability on the field. I also got to watch them waterbomb those same kids in the face with the same glee they would have had landing one in the face of an adult.
The year my favourite Australian band finally got the traction they deserved. Men with talent and loyalty to their craft who continue to bust ass.
The year I got to see my oldest best friend twice in one year. In February she flew back to Melbourne to be at my wedding, in July I was working in her adopted hometown of London.
The year best friends planned a wedding in secret and let me and my husband in on it. And asked us to witness which was also the first time we signed something together with matching surnames.

2014 was the year my photos turned up across the web, on TV, in print and in film. The year I was named in the credits of the Nick Cave documentary, 20,000 Days On Earth. The year I listened to Jake Bugg, Ben Folds, Band of Skulls, Frightened Rabbit, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on repeat.

These are the photos that will let me time travel back to all these things in the years to come.


Kate Griffin gets marriedwedding-dressnotes



The best memories.


Trash Talk at Melbourne Soundave– Trash Talk trash the place circle-pit style at Soundwave in Melbourne


Kate Griffin at Melbourne Soundwave

– I came out of the Gwar pit looking like this, so worth it for the below shot

Gwar at Melbourne Soundwave – This is Gwar in Melbourne, barely days before front man (to the right of  stage with arms up) Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus passed away of a heart attack.


Davey Havok of AFI

– Davey Havok, front man, of American band AFI at Soundwave.


Violent SohoViolent Soho– Violent Soho in Mildura for Triple J’s One Night Stand


Rufus / Rufus du Sole– Rufus / Rufus du Sole


Lorde in MelbourneLorde in Melbourne– Lorde at Melbourne’s Festival Hall


jake-bugg-melbourne-1– Jake Bugg, one of the last show’s ever at The Palace Theatre in Melbourne before it closed to be made into apartments.


illy-final-ONS-triple-j-1040-1illy-5-mildura-ONS-triple-j-1040-1– Illy plays Mildura


gotye-double-j-launch-1– Gotye celebrates the launch of Double J


Myf Warhurst launches Double J– Myf Warhurst launches Double J

Double J presenters

– The inaugural Double J presenters


dam-sultan-2-mildura-ONS-1040-1– Dan Sultan


band-of-sculls-kate-griffin-8941 band-of-sculls-kate-griffin-4824– Band of Skulls


alex-dyson-crowdsurf-mildura-ONS-1040-1– Radio presenter Alex Dyson goes crowdsurfing



– Yup, accreditation and my very own Rolling Stones set list.


Musician Mick Thomas– Mick Thomas, Australian music stalwart, singer-songwriter and producer.



– My work was printed to cover entire office walls and popped up on TV.


travel– Cats napped in my suitcases while I Skyped my husband and our dog.



– I was loaned fancy clothes to work in when the only shoes I had were Converse sneakers, and I spent other times working on shoots with great collaborative teams.



– My favourite Australian band The Peep Tempel finally get some traction. My knees finally gave in and I have surgery. NB: The inside of your knee is not meant to look like fairy floss.



– My work ended up in the Nick Cave documentary as well as in the beautiful magazine, Great Ocean.


Will Lewis

– Will Lewis, CEO of Dow Jones


Hamish McLennan – Hamish McLennan, CEO of Channel 10


sharehouse-photos-1middle-park-rooftop-11home-middle-park-june-2014-68elyse-simone-55family-unit-136– So much more commercial work. So much more creatively satisfying than I ever imagined.


Louis-1st-birthday-5209Louis-1st-birthday-5151– Our best friends got married. my husband and I got to sign their marriage certificate.


leeton-roadtrip-march-2014-262– My nieces lie on the hot concrete at Leeton pool. The same concrete my brothers and I lay on 25 years ago when we were kids.

leeton-roadtrip-march-2014-232– My nieces nap during the roadtrip back to Leeton in country New South Wales.

leeton-roadtrip-march-2014-205– My brother evens the playing field by giving himself a one-legged handicap while playing tiggy with my nieces.

leeton-roadtrip-march-2014-47– My brothers tell stories at our family’s old farm.

christmas-day-water-fight-1christmas-day-water-fight-1-5christmas-day-water-fight-1-4– The annual Christmas Day water fight.



– This girl. We’ve been friends since we were five and she’s lived in London for the past 6. But this year I got to see her twice.


rory-&-gemma-get-married-BW-157melbourne-registry-office-wedding-3melbourne-registry-office-wedding-26melbourne-registry-office-wedding-55kimberley-&-matthew-170kimberley-&-matthew-154kimberley-&-matthew-257gil-and-mark-get-married-270gil-and-mark-get-married-297gil-and-mark-get-married-110gil-and-mark-get-married-59gil-and-mark-get-married-112gil-and-mark-get-married-153gil-and-mark-get-married-38an-afternoon-with-mae-492an-afternoon-with-mae-470an-afternoon-with-mae-386amy-and-adam-got-married-992– I got to witness so many happy moments in other people’s lives, and way more weddings than I ever should have agreed to.

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