Music video collab with Ciara O’Grady

Music video collab with Ciara O’Grady

March 23, 2013 | Journal, Photoblog | No Comments

Last year I headed off to Europe with The Peep Tempel. I was pretty satisfied with the story the tour stills captured but the coolest tour story in the end was told by the music video collaboration I did with London-based Australian video editor, Ciara O’Grady.

We imagined a chronological cutting together of all the stills shot on tour. I didn’t photograph the tour with the video in mind but I shot some specific moments for the music vid purpose. Post tour, I ftp’d thousands of images to London and left it to O’Grady to sort out the rest.

Seeing O’Grady’s final cut of video for The Peep Tempel’s track ‘People don’t get you’ was such an awesome moment. When you create a concept in your head, it often comes out differently than you imagined. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, often the result is better but it’s a pretty special feeling when you see the final result of a project and you know that your collaborator had the exact same vision in their head too because it comes out exactly as you imagined.

P.s. Grab yourself a free download of The Peep Tempel’s new track ‘Dark beach’ here.

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