The Double J radio launch

The Double J radio launch

May 14, 2014 | Journal, Photoblog | No Comments

I had just begun to wonder if (after working with Triple J for 6 years, now 30 years old) I was getting too old to work for the J’s when their rad team announced Double J radio. All of a sudden I feel like a Grade 6 who’s just done their first day of Year 7.
This is my favourite bits of the launch but you can get the full writeup from Double J.

Kate Miller-Heidke pre-show

Kate Miller-Heidke hangs before her live peformance.

Myf Warhurst presents Double J's first broadcast

And Double J went live….

Myf's Mum watching Myf present at Double J's first broadcast

Myf’s Mum watches on proudly

Gotye at the Double J launch in Melbourne

Gotye aka Wally DeBacker hangs with Double J presenter Tim Shiel

Myf Warhurst smashes guitar

Double J’s first broadcast commemorated with a guitar smash.

Paul Dempsey at the Double J radio launch

Paul Dempsey performs live

Myf Warhurst & Mark Scott

Myf Warhurst & ABC Managing Director Mark Scott

Henry Wagons at the Double J radio launch

Henry Wagons


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